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This website's design


While designing and coding this website, I was forced to think about a number of issues that had to do not so much with content (if I had not had any idea about content, I wouldn't have started anyway), but rather with the whole process of building a website.

I wanted to document this process, and therefore I set this part of the website. It will grow while this site is being written, and I hope it will serve some people when they are trying to do the same. This is not a course text on web design, but the diary of my journey into HTML, CSS and other abbreviations.

The form is, of course, not that of a diary, but a mixture of reports of searches, answers to questions I asked myself and articles on certain aspects which I gave more complete and systematic attention.

The list of topics

  • The first steps

    A kind of "where to start", or rather a "where did I start". This was the first piece of HTML that I wrote for this website, although it was amended over time.

  • The small and important issues

    There were a number of questions I asked myself, each of which requiring a short argumentation. The entire list of these is brought together here.

  • The toolbox

    The list of tools that I collected throughout the development. Each of them is accompanied by a brief comment, detailing the reason for inclusion and its uses.

  • LaTeX to HTML conversion

    I wanted to convert some existing LaTeX documents into HTML pages. This page (written as Markdown and exported to HTML) documents the search for a good tool chain is documented.