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This website is my first attempt to build a website from scratch. I have a bit of prior experience with maintaining a blog, however, that is not the most appropriate platform for quasi-static content. Also, although I liked bootstrap a lot while constructing this company site, I wanted to learn a bit deeper instead of using this type of tool. Then, in addition to plain HTML+CSS, I also want to develop some scripts for automatic page generation and the like.


This website uses Google Analytics for the keeping of statistics.

Anything on this website is collected and provided with the best possible intentions. As such, I am not responsible for any damage, be it physical, mental or moral that may occur be using in any way the contents of this website.

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I retain copyright on any text published on this website, as far as the copyright is mine. You are entitled to reproduce texts on this website for non-commercial purposes without my permission, provided the text is unmodified and the author's name, an appropriate attribution and a link to the original page is provided.